Chembience Releases

Chembience releases are available as tagged versions at Github. For each release a DOI is automatically assigned by Zenodo and Docker images are made available at Dockerhub. New Chembience releases and builds are created every two to three months, previous releases remain available at all mentioned providers (as long as no restrictions apply there).

0.4.002/202210.5281/zenodo.6248289rework of the project structure, see to RDKit 2020.09.5 & Postgres 13
0.2.1706/202010.5281/zenodo.3875427upgrade to Python 3.8 (3.8.3) series and RDKit 2020.03.2
0.2.1604/202010.5281/zenodo.1310105.update to RDKit 2020.03.1
0.2.1503/202010.5281/zenodo.3711104update to Python 3.7.6, RDKit 2019.09.3, Postgres 11.7 and Django 2.2.8/DRF 3.11, Jupyter 6.0.4, Nginx 1.17
0.2.1410/201910.5281/zenodo.3519789update to RDKit 2019.09.1
0.2.1309/201910.5281/zenodo.3478629update to RDKit 2019.03.4, Postgres 11.5 and Django 2.2.6
0.2.1208/201910.5281/zenodo.3359682update to RDKit 2019.03.3, Postgres 11.4; (Mini)Conda has been updated to version 4.7.10
0.2.1106/201910.5281/zenodo.3235938update to RDKit 2019.03.2, Django 2.2, Postgres 11.3; all Docker images are now based on Debian buster
0.2.10Easter 2019update to RDKit 2019.03
0.2.904/2019update to Postgres 11.2
0.2.803/2019update to RDKit 2018.09.2 and Postgres 10.7
0.2.701/2019maintenance release
0.2.611/2018update to RDKit 2018.09.1 and Python 3.7
0.2.510/2018update to RDKit 2018.09, project improvements for production settings (easier Nginx proxy config; separation of app services and proxy)
0.2.409/2018SSL certificate registration with Let's Encrypt, project improvements
0.2.308/2018update to RDKit 2018.03.4, Postgres 10.5, Django 2.1 and Nginx 1.14, further project clean-up
0.2.207/2018CircleCi builds, automated UID and GID configuration, clean up & bug fixes
0.2.106/2018update to RDKit 2018.03.2, switch to Postgres 10.4
0.2.005/2018switch to RDKit 2018.03, addition of Jupyter App container, project clean-up
0.1.104/2018minor bug fixes
0.1.003/2018first beta