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Latest news and updates on Chembience.


Chembience 0.4.0 has been released. It includes a complete rework of the project and its structure getting rid of quite a bit of ballast which it had collected over time.

Release Notes:

  • rework of the project structure
  • update RDKit to version 2021.09.4
  • update to Postgres 13 with RDKit 2021.03 extension
  • update to Python 3.9.x/Miniconda3-py39_4.10.3-Linux-x86_64.sh
  • change build system from CircleCi to GitHub Actions
  • update to Django 4.0.x/Django Restframework 3.13.x
  • update to Nginx 1.19
  • update to Jupyter 6.4.x
  • update of Docker Images to Debian Bullseye-Slim
  • smaller Docker images
  • documentation update


Chembience 0.2.18 has been released with updates to RDKit 2020.09 and Postgres 13.


Chembience 0.2.17 has been released. The Chembience Docker images include now RDKit 2020.03.2 and upgrade Python to the 3.8 series.


Chembience 0.2.16 has been released which provides the RDKit 2020.03.1 packages.


Chembience 0.2.15 has been released providing updates for all included major software packages.


Chembience 0.2.14 has been released. It updates all Chembience images to RDKit 2019.09.1


Updates to the Chembience Web pages: added the What's new and Releases page.